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Every Sunday at 1pm Meditation und Dhamma Talks (online)
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The Sirisampanno is a Buddhist nunnery of the Therāvada tradition.

Here the teaching of awakening is practiced free of dogmas and without attachment to a certain lineage or teacher. This place is still in the early stages of development. It is built by the practicing people, so that they can find a place for themselves and the community where they can develop under beneficial conditions. Spiritual accompaniment is possible during the stay. 

The monastery follows the tradition of Theravada Buddhism. Guests who wish to participate in monastic life and are willing to adapt to the local way of living are welcome at the discretion of the community. 

Sirisampanno means “perfect happiness” in Pali, the language of early Buddhism.

The association name “Lilienhof” refers to the white lily, which is considered a symbol of purity in Western culture.

Inconsistency, that is one thing that is great and certain.
Greatness, that is impermanence.
A great life is a life full of generosity (dana),
Morality (sila), loving kindness (metta) and gratitude (katanyu).
A good life may not be great, but a life that is great,
must be linked exclusively to the properties of goodness.

Ajahn Mann

So much ado about nothing,
so much effort where nothing is lacking,
so much fighting where there’s peace,
so much too much, too fast, too big.