Dāna – selfless giving, devotion and generosity

Dana is selfless giving and plays a central role on the path to freedom.

Selfless giving opens the heart, putting aside the relationship to our self for a moment and making space for the perspective of taking care of the well-being of others. Dana is the possibility to give purely out of a healing intention without expecting anything in return. 

True generosity in giving can be seen, when one does not give what is left, nor when the opportunity of giving is taken as one to save or make a profit, but when one truly gives from the bottom of their heart. This can be in the form of one’s own time, energy or material resources. It is less about the material value of the gift, but rather of one’s own attached value to it, which one is willing to pass on. The act of giving is an important part on the way to overcome greed and realize loving kindness. 

Dana belongs to the roots of the Buddhist tradition, according to which the teaching is passed on without a fixed fee or a fixed participation fee. In this way, the teaching is accessible to everyone. The teachers and the place of the meditation practice receive a freely chosen donation from all participants – Dana. Dana is a form to thank and express ones own appreciation. It is an act of voluntary giving and valuable for the givers themselves.

Through generosity, the community of lay people ensures that the basic needs of the teachers are provided and that the place of practice can continue to exist.

Selfless giving is an attribute of a wise human being who has grown beyond him- or herself, beyond egocentricity.

Right generosity cannot be enforced: It is part of practice and reveals itself when mindfulness bears its fruits. Then the heart becomes lighter and there is harmony between giving and taking.