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Forms of support

Sirisampanno Monastery is a place for practicing nuns who live according to the original Buddhist teachings as well as interested lay people who want to learn about monastic life.

 Two and a half thousand years ago, the Buddha established the Dāna principle -principle of generosity- for the monk/nun order. This is still effective today. A mutual give and take enables inner growth on both sides.

The nuns themselves do not earn money, they direct all their efforts to the purification of their hearts and through their practice they can support the laity in their own development. They provide them with a conducive environment within the framework of a stay in the monastery; they teach from their experience and can become a source of inspiration. The laity in return, out of appreciation and wholesome generosity, support the ordained on a material level.


 Following the Buddha's instructions, the monastery does not charge any fees; any donation is made on a voluntary basis and at one's own discretion.


Spendenkonto des Trägervereins:
Sirisampanno Unterstützerverein e.V.

IBAN: DE47 2559 1413 3134 8491 00


Volksbank in Schaumburg und Nienburg eG


Donation via Paypal:

According to the rules of the Buddha, the nuns themselves are not allowed to accept money or use it. Thus, all monetary donations are managed by the sponsoring association and are used to maintain the monastery.

The following options are available for donations to benefit the community:

  • One-time donation in the donation box, to the association account or via Paypal
  •  Annual donation through supporting membership

You have the option of either dropping a one-time donation in the donation box at the monastery or transferring it to the supporting association.

Sirisampanno Unterstützerverein e.V.
IBAN: DE47 2559 1413 3134 8491 00
Volksbank in Schaumburg und Nienburg eG

Purpose: general - e.g. "Donation for Sirisampanno Monastery" or earmarked - for e.g. food.

Donation via Paypal is also possible:

Du kannst das Kloster im Rahmen einer Fördermitgliedschaft unterstützen. Der monatliche oder jährliche Beitrag ist von Dir selbst frei wählbar.

Diese Spenden werden in erster Linie für den laufenden Unterhalt verwendet: Strom, Heizung, Versicherung, etc.

Nach einer längeren Phase des gegenseitigen Kennenlernen als Fördermitglied kann ein Antrag auf Mitgliedschaft gestellt werden. Als Mitglied bist Du  involviert in den Vereinstätigkeiten und in der Vereinsarbeit. Der Mitgliedsbeitrag ist hier ebenso frei wählbar.

Bei Interesse an einer Fördermitgliedschaft schicke bitte eine E-Mail-Anfrage an

Sirisampanno Stiftung
IBAN: DE65700205006940425001
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Für Zustiftungen sowie alle Fragen rund um die Stiftung wenden Sie sich bitte an:

The nuns live on the food donated to the monastery. In order to ensure the continued existence of the monastery, the community relies on food donations. You can find an overview of the things that are needed at the moment here.

Another option is to bring prepared food to the monastery. At 11 o'clock the resident Sangha has their meal, and contributions are warmly welcome. It is best to be at the monastery a little before the meal to give enough time for preparation.

Helping hands are always needed to maintain and build the monastery. Thus, any form of assistance is also very welcome, whether in gardening, in the kitchen, in construction projects, etc.
If you're interested, it's best to get in touch by email or phone.

You can find out which commodities are needed at the moment here.

Chanting and Meditation

Daily from 05.00-06.30 & 19.00-20.30

Support of the monastery

The monastery is supported by generous donations from the lay community. For that purpose, there is a supporting association that manages the donations.

Alms round

Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Nienburg weekly market approx. 09:15-10:15 a.m.