Project Days and field trips for students

Experience report of a student

After a previous study of Buddhism in the school class, there
were two women visiting our class from the Sirisampanno Monastery. As soon as the nun Hanna entered the room, we students became aware of her self-confidence, joy of life and her the down-to-earth attitude.

After a mutual introduction it was possible for us to ask questions of all kinds. I am personally very interested and enthusiastic about Buddhism, which is why I found the opportunity to get deeper first-hand impressions extremely useful and immediately took advantage of it. Even before the project day, I knew that Buddhism was different from other religions, but I couldn’t say exactly in which way. Only then I knew what Buddhism really was about. Its aim is to act consciously and look at one’s own life and the lives of others like a neutral observer. The suffering of the world is to be overcome. There is no God you can hold on to, but more a learning to let go and see the world with different eyes. I was able to understand the core of Buddhism even better, when Hanna exemplified the teachings through stories from her own life.

After a round of questions we went together into the forest to gain some insights into meditation, another important point in Buddhism. We were told to concentrate for example only on our breath or our movements. The exercises turned out to be quite difficult, but also helpful, which made us decide to from then on meditate one minute before the beginning of the lesson. Besides that we were also told to try and feel how beautiful it is to give joy to others and to feel joy ourselves. For that we should take all our courage and tell other classmates what we value about them. Everyone sensed how good this felt.

At the end of the day, we ate together in the forest and gave small gifts of gratitude to both women. After they said goodbye, we stayed in the grass for a while until we were all sent home after a successful day.

By Evi, 10th grade student, 2018

Mindfulnessdays at different locations

We travel several times a year or by invitation to various cities in order to offer mindfulness days there. Planned dates can be taken from the yearly calendar and current flyers with more exact dates. You find them some weeks in advance on this site.

Here is an example of one of the last flyers.