PhraKhruPalat Adisai Ananto

Luang Phor is a monk from Thailand, from the province of Korat. He lives and teaches regularly in the Monastery Siri Sampanno. In December 2019 he will be visiting the monastery again.

Samaneri Tisaranee

In 1997, Venerable Tisaranee (Hanna) took refuge in the Mahayana tradition. In 2011 she went into homelessness with the agreement and permission of her family. She lived and practiced intensively in a natural garden for one year. After several monastic stays of three months each in Germany and France, she practiced for more than three years (Silas) as Mae Chee Hanna in the Thai tradition.

The ordination as Samaneri took place on 23/03/2019 where she received the Dhamma name Tisaranee. The ceremony was held at the headquarters of Karuna Samadhi Organization and at the Buddhist Center Samadhi in Sri Lanka, in the presence of more than 30 fully ordained monks and 10 nuns.