Bhante Dr. Seelawansa Wijayarajapura Maha Thero

The spiritual guidance is given by the venerable monk Bhante Dr. Seelawansa, Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. He was born on May 12, 1953 in Wijayarajapura, a traditional village in Sri Lanka. He grew up with six siblings and lost his mother in early childhood. Already at the age of nine years the wish to live a spiritual Buddhist monastic life developed in him. At the age of ten years, eleven months and twenty days he received his father’s approval and became a Buddhist novice. His school education took place within the monastery, he studied Pali and Sanskrit. In Sri Lanka he attended university, where he learned German as well as English. After his studies he worked as a teacher in a Buddhist school in Sri Lanka.

In 1982, Bhante Seelawansa came to Austria, where he spent a year studying journalism, communication sciences and German language and literature. He then went to Vienna, where he continued his studies and became a lecturer at the University of Vienna and the Global Academy in Liechtenstein. He is also spiritual director of the Theravada School and the Nyanaponika Dhamma Centre in Vienna.

Samaneri Tisaranee

Venerable Tisaranee (Hanna) is the second spiritual guidance and accompaniment on site. She took refuge in the Mahayana tradition in 1997. In 2011 she went into homelessness with the agreement and permission of her family. She lived and practiced intensively in a nature garden for one year. The next years she practiced in Germany, France and Thailand.

The ordination as Samaneri took place on 23.3.2019 in the Theravada tradition and she received the Dhamma name Tisaranee. The ceremony took place at the Karuna Samadhi Organization Headquarters and the Samadhi Buddhist Centre in Sri Lanka in the presence of 30 fully ordained monks and 10 nuns.