Organizational Matters

The Location

The former farmhouse was bought in 2016 with donations from the association and is still undergoing renovation and reconstruction. The heart of the place is the meditation room and the garden of stillness. The area on the first floor of the monastery is private. In addition to the quiet entrance area of the meditation room, there is a dining room as well as a small library.

Daily Schedule

05.00Chanting in your room
06.45rice donation to the ordained
07.00Breakfast for guests
08.00Joined Meditation
10.45food offerings to the ordained
11.00Lunch for the guests
13.00Joined Meditation
16.00Mindful work at the monastery
18.00Joined Chanting and Meditation
20.00Meditation in your room
22.00Sleeping Time

Longer practice is always possible.
The gong is struck for each activity.
The daily schedule can change spontaneously.


Sleeping facilities are available in the village (Nienburger Bruch) (double rooms will be assigned). The house can be reached in ten minutes on foot from the monastery via a beautiful path between the fields. Each room has a washbasin and a balcony. However, the facilities are for sleep only, the daily events and the catering take place in the monastery.

10€ per night/person will be handed over in cash directly to the owner of the outside house. Low-income earners and students pay 7.50€/night – We ask for a solidarity price of at least 15€/night for those with high income. For a stay of 10 nights, 5€/night have to be paid. This money is independent of a donation for the monastery. When registering for a stay, you get the details for registering for the corresponding number of nights. Please tell us if you want us to help you with the communication. The exact place of arrival will be communicated after registration. Camping in the garden or forest is not possible outside the summer season.

Arriving and departure

Time of arrival is between16.00 and 16.30 at the sleeping accommodation (further information will be sent by e-mail shortly before the retreat), providing some time for personal preparation for the inner focus/silence. At 17.00, the retreat begins at the monastery. Should the retreat schedule differ, it will be communicated beforehand.

There may be the possibility for a personal initial talk with the spiritual accompanist (as well as shortly before the end of the retreat and during longer retreats). However, there is no guarantee of accompaniment. The end of all retreats after the midday meditation is around 15.30. Further information on arrival and departure can be found under “contact/directions”, as there is a lot to consider when travelling by public transport.

Dress Code

We kindly ask you to dress in basic, skin-covering clothing during the retreat. White clothes (wide and long-sleeved) will be provided in the monastery. This serves the purpose of supporting the practice, for example by creating more distance to everyday life, by not thinking about “What should I wear? And how do I look?”. Through the simplicity and width of the clothes, the mind will be less distracted.

Further organizational matters

General information to be observed before registration

  • It is possible to participate together as friends or partners, but with an individual focus and no communication during the retreat.
  • Please do not communicate with the outside world during retreats and do not use any electronic devices (except as an alarm clock to get up in the morning). Personal matters should be dealt with in advance.
  • The monastery is a non-smoking facility, the stay is a completely smoke-free, caffeine-free time.
  • Note about allergies: A tomcat and a big dog live with us. A cat also lives in the house with the bedrooms. As Siamese, however, the male is very allergy-friendly.
  • Simple, organic, at least vegetarian food will be cooked in the monastery for the group.

Guests please note:

  • On the day of arrival of a retreat we are only available by telephone and not by e-mail for short-term arrangements.
  • In particular, please bring with you: Bed linen, towel, sturdy shoes for work (indoors / outdoors) or forest walks, and comfortable clothing.
  • If there are any food intolerances or other restrictions, please let us know beforhand.