Insight practice in silence

“Retreat” means to step back for some time in order to come to rest at a distance from everyday life, to arrive at oneself, to reflect on the essential and to deepen already ongoing processes and insights. The retreats are just as suitable for beginners as for those who want to strengthen their existing practice. In meditation (sitting, standing or walking) concentration on the breath, the body or another object is practiced, for advanced Vipassana (insight, clear vision).

This place offers the opportunity to devote oneself entirely to the present moment and to take life as it comes moment by moment. There is a “plan without a plan”, a living practice that is simultaneously completely oriented towards disciplined inner work with personal patterns.

Since every day and people are different, all retreats are different.

The retreats will be held in small groups with a maximum number of 7 people.

There will be silence. Silence is helpful in recognizing and dissolving one’s own concepts.  
Meditation does not only take place on the pillow: All actions – eating, walking, being on the toilet – are performed in mindfulness, in calm concentration on the present moment, without wanting or evaluating anything. To deepen that kind of practice, all visitors take part in some of the upcoming tasks in the monastery (Karmayoga in the morning), such as gardening or cleaning the rooms and the house. Experiencing oneself in harmony with nature is also an essential part of the practice.

For a more intensive individual practice it is possible to arrive one day before the retreat and depart one day after the retreat.

More content and impressions can be found in the reading corner under “Experience reports”. If you would like to know more about the Lilienhof Sirisampanno Monastery, we cordially invite you to contact us.

Different Retreats

Under “Dates” on this website the retreats are partly divided into different categories.

There are retreats for beginners, advanced and intermediate level retreats, which are somewhere in between. The registration for these different stages is based on self-assessment, which does not necessarily have to be determined by years of practical experience, but can also be determined by the will to outgrow oneself. For an advanced retreat it is recommended to have already participated in a shorter retreat.

Helping retreat

Anyone who has ever participated in a retreat can register for a helping retreat as part of the monastery process in order to help and live together. The principle of “karmayoga” is our practice here. Retreat guests help with the tasks that arise in the monastery, which can be everyday tasks or larger measures such as demolition or conversion work on the house and in the garden. Meditation takes place concomitantly.

Shorter or longer stays outside regular dates

With the agreement of the teacher you can also spend a longer time in the monastery, dedicating it to one’s own intensive development. Conditions for this can be inquired in writing. The time span can be arranged individually. Possibly there will be no other visitors in the monastery.
In general, there must be a time gap between a first regular retreat and a stay beyond that, meaning they cannot merge directly into each other. The information listed under “Conditions of Participation” and “Retreats” always applies, with the difference that you fit into the complete everyday life of the monastery. This can mean that the teachers are more or less accessible during this time than during a regular retreat, but also that additional mindful work takes place in the afternoon. As each retreat is unique, this can only be predicted to a limited extent. The different circumstances must be taken into account for the practice of freedom of expectation, flexibility,… .

Internal Retreats

Internal retreats are reserved for the community and take place on irregular occasions. This can be an intensive work retreat, where bundled help is needed for construction work at the house or a trip together to another place of practice. If you have been to this place several times or for a longer period of time, you can ask to participate in an internal retreat.